Thursday, March 15, 2012

$10 a Lawn and making a profit?

$10 a Lawn and making a profit?

In general, it seems the first way a new lawn care business owner comes up with to stand out from their competitors is to charge a lower fee for mowing. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that when you are new, you don’t know much about the business so you normally can’t perform a better quality lawn maintenance job than a more experienced competitor. So to figure out a way to stand out, price then seems to become the way. As we will see in this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, going the cheap price route has many disadvantages.

Check out LawnCareMarketing Blogger Bio.

Check out LawnCareMarketing Blogger Bio.

Lawn care marketing methods and how to tweak them to work better

Lawn care marketing methods and how to tweak them to work better

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lawn Care Marketing: When lawn care marketing works too good.

Lawn Care Marketing: When lawn care marketing works too good.: Every lawn care entrepreneur goals of being flooded with proved helpful. Of having such effective lawn care marketing that you just have to...

When lawn care marketing works too good.

Every lawn care entrepreneur goals of being flooded with proved helpful. Of having such effective lawn care marketing that you just have too many lawn care care clients. But as we will see in this conversation on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, sometimes you reach the point of too much and when that happens, changes need to be made.

One lawn care entrepreneur composed “yesterday was just crazy for us. I had all my 17 lawn care workers at 5 different lawn care and landscape designs job sites and then a powerful magic stormy weather came around 3:30pm. So everyone proved helpful up until then and went home. I was so fatigued last night for some purpose. Lately I have been feeling more and more used up when it comes to finding the passion I once had for running my lawn care business.

Today I never have a lot to do because of the ongoing rainfall. It has been non-stop magic bathrooms late last night all through the evening. Trying to transfer top ground in rainfall like this is a major problem and the sod becomes seriously hefty. I have only accomplished about 60% of the tasks planned for last night, none these days, and the next day we are all going to have to be operating almost no time at all to get up.

I had a conference with my son last night as this has been hefty on my thoughts the last two several times. I am coming to the understanding we have to create some changes with the lawn care business as it seems including more personnel is doing little more than putting petrol on the fire so to speak. We have to downsize as I am getting sick and exhausted of putting the hours in that I do, 80++ per several times time and really dropping behind in management perform.

Sure we found someone who could handle messages, lawn care reports etc. but there is only so much we can do. We are very efficient with our lawn care tracks, cutting devices, we have a lot of tools but could use more. However one has to decide just how huge you want your lawn care business to become.

Last several times time, a team accomplished a landscape designs job. I went to pick up the loading machine to transfer it to another site when I saw the operator was there. He is a super guy and we have done a few landscape designs tasks for him in the last. He has the biggest company in the town, so we got to discussing on the subject of economic.

He informed me his wife’s sister held a huge landscaping/lawn care company about an time outside the town and went through what I am going through now, two decades ago. He had gotten so used out that he sold everything. Then took a crack for two complete decades before he went again into business.

This year he determined to start a new with three lawn care workers and will not take on perform more than two several times in progress for landscape designs and will not develop larger than 50 lawn care clients. This seems to add up to me. If I were to go this path too, it would mean we could sell some lawn care  devices, cut again, and I could then have a lifestyle again.

It’s been an interesting trip but as well, I have far too many lawn care clients awaiting tasks to be accomplished. Most are individual but when you are reserved 11 several times in progress, two or three bad times per several times time because of weather or what ever has a real negative effect on individuals at the bottom of the list in forcing their tasks off further.

I have prevented operating complete personnel Saturdays due to burning individuals out and in the long run but it looks like I will have no option. I have tried subbing out some landscape designs tasks but from my experience, mentioning individuals to other landscape designs organizations has not proved helpful well. We just have not found the right company to perform with and I never have a chance to look.

Isn’t it amazing how in the brain of many lawn care entrepreneurs, they would love to have a huge company and be very busy, but when you get there, you discover that it takes way too much energy.

What I do know is I determined a while ago if a job was not fun, I would leave or create changes. The lawn care industry tends to require a more hands on approach by the operator than compared to other organizations I have held or run.

I think having a stability of lifestyle and perform is very important. When you have to put too plenty of your energy and energy into something, no matter what it is, it becomes not fun because you can not take a crack and do something else. This lawn care care business of my own is becoming all consuming.

I want more Freedom! It’s the purpose I started my business. I need independence. Freedom of option, independence that financial security gives, independence of your energy and energy constraints, etc.

When I awaken in the morning and can hardly wait to get to it, that is fun to me. But operating A week per several times time, 12 to 16 time times and not being able to keep up is very aggravating. I appreciate all the organization I have, however handling this many individuals is driving me around the curvature.

If I could offer any advice to other lawn care entrepreneurs out there, it would be to speed yourself. Grow at a comfortable speed. Only develop as big as you want and keep in thoughts to devote some times off and discover other passions to stability your lifestyle out. If you have too many clients, cut again on your lawn care marketing. This will help you prevent burnout and allow you to stay the course for the end.”

Monday, March 5, 2012

Getting lawn care customers no one else wants.

Getting lawn care customers no one else wants.: Early on as you are getting your lawn care business started, you may be willing to take on cheaper lawn care customers with properties that may not be show places. These are the customers, more established lawn care businesses may not want, but the upside is, they may be easier ...

Friday, March 2, 2012

5 lawn care marketing tips.

Here are 5 quick lawn care marketing tips that you can use to help promote your lawn care business further this year.

  • First off, create a lawn care door hanger with a powerful eye catching headline. If you are having a hard time coming up with a design, there are plenty of free lawn care door hanger templates here.
  • Two, after getting them printed, go door to door.
  • Third, while going door to door, knock on the doors and try to talk to as many home owners as you can. Remember the more people you talk to, the better your chances are of making a sale.
  • Fourth, once you engage the home owner in a conversation, try and point out issues you see on their property that your lawn care business could help improve upon. Tell them why the problem exists and what you would do to fix it.
  • Fifth, get your mower out because you are going to be busy!
With all your newly acquire lawn care customers, don't forget you are going to have to manage them. Make sure you download a lawn care software package that can help you do it. Don't stop there, keep your lawn care marketing going all the time.